Training Grants

Cellular and Molecular Basis of Systems and Integrative Biology:

The goal of this N.I.H. supported Training Program is to provide graduate students with broad training in the application of cellular and molecular techniques to the study of problems in systems and integrative biology. This program is centered in the department of Physiology, but includes faculty from other departments and can support students in a variety of Ph.D. granting programs.

The Highlights of this Training Program Include:

  • Thesis research that uses cellular/molecular approaches to tackle integrated questions.
  • Potential research mentors with expertise in a variety of problems and approaches that come from many departments in addition to Physiology.
  • Increasing the breadth of training by including intellectual and technical training from two research laboratories that use different scientific approaches.
  • Coursework in advanced biochemistry and molecular biology in addition to systems and cellular physiology.

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