About MSIS


We are a collection of diverse individuals passionate in our pursuit of delivering innovative information services that enable the UMHS faculty, staff and students to advance the future of healthcare through discovery and lifelong learning. We strive to delight our customers by improving their productivity and customer experience while being responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We enable our customers to succeed through the delivery of services, technology, consulting, training and support.

Our Values


We acknowledge we are part of a greater community within the University of Michigan and scholarly institutions around the world. We build trusted partnerships across the University’s schools and colleges. We cooperate and leverage each other’s strengths. We build and support communities of practice around healthcare, education, administration, and research. We support and expand our community through open sharing of our expertise and resources.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards and expect that others do the same. Our conversations are open, honest and sometimes tough for all concerned. We take responsibility for our actions and seek to rectify our mistakes, acknowledging our accountability to the communities we serve. We recognize how our fiscal responsibility helps meet our financial targets and benefits the University’s missions.


We commit ourselves to work towards our goals in genuine partnerships with individual customers, departments, and other organizations at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We work as a team beyond organizational and geographic boundaries to achieve superior results. We strive to maintain and enhance our position as an exemplar of an academic medical center that is helping to advance health care through discovery and global collaboration.


We value our relationships with our peers, faculty, staff, and students. Through every interaction, we earn their trust and build our reputation. We build and maintain long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that help us deliver better solutions.  


We pursue the University’s mission with focus, discipline and rigor. The challenges we seek to overcome require thoughtful analysis, intellectual dialogue and commitment balanced with our customers’ needs for velocity.  We recognize that we need to constantly change and continually improve.  We set realistic expectations and deliver on our commitments.


We believe the current and future success of the University of Michigan depends on innovation. We understand the difference between just “staying ahead of the curve” and true innovation.  True innovation requires great risk and we embrace it. We learn from our failures, helping others to avoid the same pitfalls in the future. We strive to remain focused, strategic and calculated in our risk-taking, as we challenge convention and question assumptions.


Our History

In September 2010, the Medical School’s information technology, academic informatics, and instructional support efforts were joined in a new administrative unit under the direction of Ted Hanss, who was named the Medical School’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). With input from faculty and staff, this new organization is working to realign our information technology, informatics, and learning support services to better support the Medical School’s research and education missions. This will enable us to deliver enhanced support services, improve productivity, and better position the Medical School to take advantage of opportunities created by the changing IT environment.

The management team for this new unit wanted to bring the entire organization together under a unified identity and mission. Much consideration was given to the pros and cons of selecting a new name and rebranding. The management team decided to use “Medical School Information Services” (MSIS) as the name for the combined organization. “MSIS” was selected because it already had the broadest recognition, both across UMHS and central campus, and a strong reputation for cross-collaboration. In addition, the individual units also had strong branding with good reputations. Ultimately, the management team decided on a strategy that utilized the Medical School Information Services (MSIS) name, and still included a strong identity for the subgroups: Application and Information Services, Educational Technology Services, Office of Enabling Technologies, Michigan MultiMedia, MLearning, Instructional MultiMedia & Design, ResearchIT, and the Solutions Center. This new visual identity and branding strategy for MSIS was deployed in January 2012. In September 2012, the MSIS leadership team decided to organize teams around four major programs: Research, Learning, Strategy/Governance, and Operational Excellence.