Orringer et al. - SRS Microscopy Tells Tumor From Normal Tissue

Ground-breaking translational innovations. Pictured: SRS Microscopy that allows the tumor (blue) to be easily distinguished from normal tissue (green) thus improving accuracy.

Our world-class faculty are on the cutting edge of neurosurgery.

We provide world-class resident training with an emphasis on innovative teaching tools.

Patient Care: Doctor and Nurse Practitioner with a Patient

Our Neurosurgeons & Nurse Practitioners work collaboratively to provide comprehensive, compassionate care to patients.

Project Shunt - Dr. Muraszko in Guatemala

The annual trip to Guatemala, where our faculty treat the indigenous population for a variety of congenital malformations.


Our treatment of the entire range of neurological surgical problems for adult and pediatric patients is comprehensive, careful and compassionate.

  • We're known for having some of the best technology and experts providing minimally invasive treatment for aneurysms.

That's our Michigan Difference.

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