Conference schedules sponsored by the Department of Internal Medicine, other Departments, and our own Divisional conferences include:
  1. Core Pulmonary Clinical Conference: This weekly conference includes lectures from faculty within and outside of the Division covering the clinical aspects of the fellows training
  2. PCCM Case Conference and Journal Club: This weekly conference includes a case presentation and once a month a journal club.
  3. Research Conference: This weekly conference provides a formalized interactive educational series about the research activities among scientists with in the Division.
  4. Core Surgical Critical Care Conference: Weekly conference provided by the Department of Surgery related to clinical aspects of care of the critically ill surgical patient
  5. Lung Transplant Case Conference: Biweekly conference
  6. Tumor Board: Weekly Multidisciplinary Conference:   Discusses approach to diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with nodules, lung and other thoracic tumors.
  7. Interstitial Lung Disease Case Conference: Weekly multidisciplinary conference discussing approach to diagnosis, management, and follow-up of patients with interstitial lung disease.
  8. VA Joint Pulmonary/Thoracic Conference:  Held at VAHS weekly.
  9. Pulmonary & Critical Care Board Review: Weekly review of pulmonary and critical care board related questions.
  10. Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine "Boot Camp": Weekly conference commencing after orientation and continuing into the fall.