Colin Cooke, M.D., M.Sc., M.S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
North Campus Research Complex
Building 16, 1st Floor, Room 127W
2800 Plymouth Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800
Phone: 734-615-9681

Administrative Contact

Cat Meyer 734-936-5010


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Areas of Interest

Research Interests

Dr. Cooke's research focuses on how healthcare policy, the healthcare system, and individual patient characteristics interact to shape the quality and efficiency of ICU care delivery. This includes: (1) characterizing the drivers of variation in the use, quality, and costs of critical care services, with a specific focus on practice variation and regional and organizational contributors, and (2) understanding and removing racial, socioeconomic, and health insurance based disparities in critical care.  Fundamentally, much of Dr. Cooke’s research is based upon the premise that critical care, when delivered to inappropriate patients, may cause harm and increases healthcare spending without appreciable benefit. Through this work, Dr. Cooke’s collaborates closely with faculty in the Departments of Medicine, Surgery, Biostatistics, Health Management & Policy, Economics and with investigators at the Center for Healthcare Outcomes & Policy.  Methodologically, this work employs analysis of both clinical and large-scale administrative databases, outcome prediction, multi-level and Bayesian modeling, cost-effectiveness simulation, and causal analysis.  Dr. Cooke also utilizes novel data visualization techniques to characterize patterns of critical illness at the national level. His work is currently supported by a K08 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Pub Med Publications

Clinical Interests

Critical care, ARDS, sepsis



M.D., 2000, Ohio State University


2004, University of Washington


Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine, 2007, University of Washington Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program, 2011, University of Michigan


2003, Internal Medicine 2006, Pulmonary 2007, Critical Care

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