Roadmap for T32 Research Training

Multidisciplinary Training Program in Lung Disease, NIH, NHLBI T32 HL007749-21

Training Grant Personnel:

Program Director:  Theodore J. Standiford, M.D., 734-936-5010,  Dr. Standiford has full programmic oversight for the Multidisciplinary Program in Lung Disease.  Trainee requests for courses, educational material and conference participation should be approved by Dr. Standiford in advance of purchase.  Form for conference travel is attached; other requests should be detailed and requested in e-mail to Dr. Standiford.  

Associate Program DirectorGary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D., 734-936-5010,  Dr. Huffnagle serves to counsel, train and back up Dr. Standiford in programmatic training grant issues. 

Associate Program Director:  Kevin R. Flaherty, M.D., M.S., 734-936-5201,  Dr. Flaherty brings an M.D. perspective to clinical training on the T32 and also serves to counsel, train and back up Dr. Standiford in programmatic training grant issues.

T32 Coordinator:  Cat Meyer 734-936-5010,  When a mentor has a fellow candidate to propose for T32 support, Cat will facilitate presentation and meeting with Program Director(s).  Once candidate is approved to enter T32, Cat provides and facilitates: a)  orientation material (form attached below); b)  lab safety and building access (form attached below); c)  PEERRS compliances testing; d)  Advisory Committee and trainee and mentor evaluation forms (forms attached below).  Cat will arrange research conference presentations for each of our T32 fellows yearly.  She provides NIH formatted documents for our annual progress report for NIH.  She will coordinate Chair Review presentations when trainees are ready to prepare grant applications requiring institutional commitment from the Chair. 

Division Administrator:  Mary Freer, B.B.A.,  734-936-5204,  Mary Freer has fiscal oversight for our T32 Training Program and is responsible for compliance with NIH rules and regulations. 

Grants Specialist:  Tameka Lewis, B.B.A., 734-936-2612,  Tameka prepares all NIH appointments, reappointments and termination documents in eRA Commons. She communicates with Human Resources to get appointments in the system.  In addition she monitors the number of trainee slots available for each year.  Tameka assists trainees in gaining access to eRA Commons to sign and review their appointment and termination notices.  University of Michigan Liaison, Kendra Walter, is contact if a new trainee needs to register for an eRA Commons username.  Individuals can place an online request at eRA Commons link to get a Commons ID.

Post-Award Expert:  Donna Boyer, 734-615-9855,  Donna tracks all T32 relevant expenses and training.  She updates the forms for trainee travel (see prior approval for travel form attached below) to scientific conferences. 

Human Resources:  Lindsay Cogwell, BBA, PHR, 734-936-5046,   Lindsay will enter Human Resources documentation separate from the NIH appointment process and provides computer access on entering the University of Michigan.

UM Tax Office:  Kim Hassan 734-763-6106, or Leslie Brown, in Univ. of MI Tax Office can help with stipend tax issues.    No tax is withheld from a T32 stipend; trainees will be responsible for withholding monies for their yearly tax burden.  We advise trainees to speak to U of M's Tax Department and their tax preparer to plan for their year end filing.  To withhold taxes quarterly a trainee can file a federal 1040ES and a MI 1040ES on 4/15, 6/15, 9/15 and 1/15 each year.  Trainees may find the IRS tax calculator useful. 

Orientation Material and Forms: