May 16, 2014 to May 21, 2014

2014 ATS Bestows Awards to Distinguished Faculty

8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Drs. Hyzy and Moore Are Honored by the American Thoracic Society at 2014 International Conference May, 2014 in San Diego, California


Robert C. Hyzy, M.D., Professor of Internal Medicine (Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine) will be honored at the American Thoracic Society 's International Conference in San Diego, CA this May.  Dr. Hyzy will be the inaugural recipient of the ATS Public Service Award for contributions in respiratory public health.  The American Thoracic Society created this award to recognize members with "an added focus on health care inequality and those individuals whose efforts have the potential to eliminate gender, racial, ethnic, or economic health disparities worldwide."

Dr. Hyzy has traveled to Peru as part of the Amazon Promise nine times over the past seven years.  Amazon Promise is a U.S. based, non-profit organization founded to provide desperately needed medical and dental care to remote populations living in the Upper Amazon Basin of Northeastern Peru.   Dr. Hyzy serves on the Board of the organization as its Medical Director.  Since 2008, University of Michigan medical students, residents, fellows and faculty have traveled with Dr. Hyzy to Peru as an elective clinical rotation.

In February, 2014 Dr. Hyzy was accompanied by two students, one resident and two fellows from the UMHS as he traveled to Peru to work with Amazon Promise.  The team saw over 1,000 patients during eleven medical clinics and enrolled 200 children under the age of five in a new program to receive a year of children's multivitamins supplied by Vitamin Angels, a California based non-profit organization.  Jeanette Brown, M.D., a third year fellow in Pulmonary &Y Critical Care Medicine, accompanied Dr. Hyzy on his recent mission.  She states, "As a fellow I appreciate Dr. Hyzy's commitment to the under-served patients in Peru.  I was able to witness firsthand the significant need of these patients and the amount of work it takes to organize a trip into these remote areas of the Amazon.   I appreciated the opportunity to participate in this life changing trip."


Bethany B. Moore, Ph.D. will be honored with ATS recognition Award

Bethany B. Moore, Ph.D., Professor of Internal Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology will receive the American Thoracic Society's Recognition Award for Scientific Accomplishments at the International Meeting in San Diego, California May, 2014.  This a a yearly award given to four scientists recognizing researchers for either scientific contributions throughout their careers, or for major contributions at a particular point in their careers.

Dr. Moore will be honored for her work on the mechanisms underlying lung fibrosis and pulmonary host defense following bone marrow transplant.  Dr. Moore will also receive this award for a major line of investigation in her laboratory that has focused on the understanding why the innate and adaptive immune responses are not adequately reconstituted following hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.  

Bethany B. Moore, Ph.D.