July 16, 2014

Congratulations Departing Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Fellows

Farewell to our graduating fellows.


The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care celebrates the graduation of our outstanding class of five clinical fellows. 


Drs. Brown, Dickson, Kleaveland, Prescott Speelmon were given tribute Thursday, 6/26/14 for their exceptional performance during their Fellowship Training in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine.  Our fellows were honored by their mentors with speeches sharing insight to each fellow’s background, motivation and plans for the future.

 Jeannette Brown, MD, PhD will be staying an additional year as a T32 Sponsored fellow to continue research training in the unique MD/PhD program offered in our Division.  We celebrate her progress in her first 3 years under the mentorship of Jeffrey L. Curtis, M.D.

Robert P. Dickson, MD, will join the Division’s faculty as Clinical Lecturer and Research Fellow, also continuing his T32 sponsored research in the laboratory of Gary B. Huffnagle, Ph.D. on the lung microbiome.  Although Bob’s mentor was at NIH study section this evening and unable to attend, Ted Standiford delivered Gary’s prepared comments which were characterized as sometimes dark (speaking of Bob’s beer brewing skills), and thoroughly insightful.  Bob was congratulated and welcomed to the faculty of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

 Hallie Prescott, M.D., will join the Division’s faculty as Clinical Lecturer and Research Fellow, also continuing her T32 sponsored research with Theodore J. Iwashyna, M.D., Ph.D. in clinical outcomes research.  Hallie was applauded by Jack Iwashyna with turning around any task he handed her in 24 hours, amazing him with her thoughtful and careful crafting of their work together.

Kathyrn Kleaveland, M.D. will be joining Spectrum Health System in Grand Rapids.  Having a west Michigan representative from our Division will help our Regional patients get quality pulmonary care without the long drive to Ann Arbor.  Dr. Kevin Kim gave a rousing tribute to Kate’s tenacity in her clinical and research endeavors during his mentorship.

 Emily Speelmon, M.D., Ph.D. will be joining St. Charles Medical Group in Bend, Oregon.  She was honored by her mentor Eric White, M.D., who lauded Emily for her enduring dedication to her research project to the very end, as well as her strong commitment to patient care and teaching.

 Michael Davis, Ph.D. was also honored at last night’s tribute.  Although he is one of our T32 sponored Research Fellows  under Michal Olszewski’s mentorship, he will be soon finishing his T32 training to take an NIH Fellowship in Washington, DC to continue is work in C. neoformans.  Dr. Olszewski spoke and shared Mike’s journey.  Mike was invited to four national/international societies to present his work with an excellent response and publication record during his training.