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August 5, 2014

Hallie Prescott Studies Sepsis in Heavier Patients and Finds Advantage

Obesity usually leads to worse, not better, health outcomes, but a study by pulmonary and critical care researchers at the U-M raises questions about how obesity impacts the body’s response to infection.  See 8/7/14 Detroit Free Press article at this link.  Read journal article at this link.  


In a study of 1,404 Medicare beneficiaries, heavier patients were more likely to survive sepsis, a life-threatening infection that leads to 1 million hospitalizations a year.



June 6, 2014

Human Microbiome in Pulmonary Medicine


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Human Microbiome

The Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Division at UM has risen to become an international leader in the study of the lung microbiome in health and disease.  In addition to a series of recent peer-reviewed publications in the field, commissioned perspective articles and reviews have been published or are in the works for Lancet Respiratory Medicine, Lancet, Respiratory Medicine and the Annual Review of Physiology