Sleep Medicine Makes A Difference for Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Patients


Dr. Helena Schotland



Dr. Helena Schotland is our Division’s Sleep specialist in Internal Medicine.  She cares for patients with a broad range of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea, nocturnal hypoventilation, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome, periodic limb movements of sleep, circadian rhythm disorders, parasomnias, and insomnia. This team is particularly interested in the overlap of sleep and pulmonary disorders.          
She starts with a general assessment including history and physical exam. Sleep testing (polysomnography) is performed in one of three sleep labs (Med Inn, Dominos Farms and the KMS Building on State Street). Home sleep testing is also available.  After polysomnography, she is able to interpret this data in conjunjunction with the patient's clinical presentation to guide diagnosis and management of the patient's sleep disorder. This pose is in front of a wall of CPAP, BiPAP, and ASV machines that are frequently ordered for their patients to alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea.  These machines are equipped with data cards which allow the physicians to assess the patient's compliance with therapy and efficacy of therapy.              

  • Dr. Schotland is the medical director of the Michigan CPAP Bank, a recycling program that provides CPAP, BiPAP and ASV machines to patients in need. This program has been in place for 2.5 years.  Please contact Dr. Schotland if you have have financial need for one of these devices.            

Dr. Schotland evaluates sleep disorders in 2 clinics:

  • Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Clinic, Rec. C, 3rd Floor Taubman Center, Appts:  734-647-9342; Fax: 734-763-4585  
  • Sleep Disorders Center 7th Floor Med Inn Bldg., Appts:  734-936-9068; Fax:  734-936-5377

Patients with coexisting pulmonary disorders are best served in the Taubman Center location.              

  • Dr. Schotland is deeply committed to teaching sleep in inpatient/outpatient arenas: Pulmonary Consults, 8D, and General Medicine services, as well as in our Pulmonary Fellowship Program. A new multidisciplinary Sleep Consult service is consulting for UMHS inpatients. You may find background and contact information on our Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine website’s URL: