Outstanding Clinician Award/Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Care

The Dean’s Office is soliciting nominations for the Outstanding Clinician Award. This award recognizes the exemplary performance of a practicing clinician or program leader of innovation in clinical care. Examples include outstanding service as a medical director of a clinical program, development of clinical care management programs or new care models, leading the development of evidence-based practice guidelines or an institutional quality improvement initiative. This award carries a $5,000 discretionary academic support prize for the faculty member or group.

This will be a two-stage selection process. Nominations submitted to the selection committee will be reviewed and a list of potential awardees given to the Dean of the Medical School, who will make the final selection. Since 2012, the selection committee has reviewed submissions for the Oustanding Clinician Award and has recommended nominees for a new award: the Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Care.

Nominees must be faculty of the University of Michigan Medical School.

Nominations for the Outstanding Clinican Award can be made using the Medical School's Competition Space website. Click HERE to nominate a candidate.

The nomination deadline is Friday, May 1, 2015.

Past Winners of Outstanding Clinician Award:

2015 Kevin M. Chan, M.D., Avraham Eisbruch, M.D., Jon A. Jacobson, M.D., Daniel R. Kaul, M.D. & R. Kevin Reynolds, M.D.
2014 Richard K. J. Brown, M.D., William D. Chey, M.D., Gregory P. Kalemkerian, M.D. & Arden M. Morris, M.D., M.P.H.
2013 Paula L. Bockenstedt, M.D., Hugh J. L. Garton, M.D., M.H.Sc., Steven M. Leber, M.D., Ph.D., Lori Lowe, M.D. & David M. Williams, M.D.
2012 Sybil Biermann, M.D., Steven E. Gradwohl, M.D., Khaled Hafez, M.D., Douglas J. Quint, M.D., & Cosmas J.M. Vandeven, M.D.
2011 Dennis C. Crowley, M.D., Paul L. Fine, M.D., James A Goulet, M.D., Mark B. Orringer, M.D. & Wendy L. Wahl, M.D.
2010 Mark A. Helvie, M.D., Jeffrey L. Myers, M.D., Michelle B. Riba, M.D., & Marjorie C. Treadwell, M.D.
2009 Eric R. Bates, M.D., Grace H. Elta, M.D. & Paul L. Sonda, III, M.D.
2008 Steven R. Buchman, M.D. & Timothy T. Nostrant, M.D.
2007 G. Michael Deeb, M.D., Mark A. McQuillan, M.D. & B. Gregory Thompson, M.D.
2006 Kenneth J. Pituch, M.D., Larry R. Junck, M.D. & Barry H. Gross, M.D.
2005 William J. McCune, M.D. & John E. McGillicuddy, M.D.
2004 Harry Erba, M.D. & Norah Naughton, M.D.
2003 William Chandler, M.D., Kim Eagle, M.D. & Linda Selwa, M.D.
2002 Margie Andreae, M.D. & Timothy Johnson, M.D.
2001 James F. Peggs, M.D. & Powell Kazanjian, M.D. 


Past Winners of Lifetime Achievement Award in Clinical Care (established in 2012):

2015 Fred Morady, M.D. & Patricia L. Robertson, M.D.
2014 James C. Stanley, M.D.
2013 Kenneth R. Silk, M.D. & Alan Sugar, M.D.
2012 Shan R. Baker, M.D. & Michael A. DiPietro, M.D.