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Important Deadlines

August 31: MSTP (MD/PhD) AMCAS Application

September 30: MD AMCAS Application

October 15: MSTP (MD/PhD) Secondary Application

October 31: MD Secondary Application

We strongly encourage all applicants - including MSTP - to apply as early as possible due to our competitive rolling admission process.


Application Process Timeline

Below is a general timeline of the University of Michigan Medical School application process. Once you’ve submitted an application, you’ll receive a link to a unique Michigan applicant portal that you can check at any time.

JUNE: This is a good month to apply!

JULY: We begin accepting AMCAS applications.

Interview Day

SEPTEMBER: Interviews begin, typically continuing until early February.

OCTOBER: At midnight on October 15, the first round of admitted students is notified! We have a rolling admissions policy, so after this date students will be notified of their status the month after their interview.

Secondary Applications are due October 31.

JANUARY: Financial aid information is sent to admitted students.

MARCH: Scholarships are awarded.

Second Chance

APRIL: Admitted students are invited to a Second Look Weekend. An applicant offered a position in the entering class is required to accept or decline the offer by April 30. Deferrals may be granted at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.