Biomedical Research Store

Image of the Biomedical Research Store at NCRC

What's new at the Biomedical Research Store?

The Store recently purchased two new -80°C freezers for the MSRB II location in order to reduce wait time for customers. By stocking these specially-stored products on-site, customers no longer have to special order these items. Download the (PDF) list of newly available items in the freezers at MSRB II to learn more.

About the Biomedical Research Store

The Biomedical Research Store is part of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities in the Office of Research. The Store provides University of Michigan research investigators with easy, on-site procurement of enzymes, reagents, and kits used in molecular, cell biology, and some protein chemistry. More than 700 different items from 11 vendors are stocked at five locations for immediate purchase. Our large-volume vendor contracts enable the Store to negotiate very low prices as well as eliminate all shipping and packaging fees. Vendors that currently have contracts with the Store are:

  • Agilent
  • BioRad
  • Finnzymes
  • Invitrogen-(Applied Biosystems)/Life Technologies
  • Lonza
  • New England Biolabs
  • Pierce
  • Promega
  • Qiagen
  • Roche Applied Science
  • Sigma

Stocked inventory varies from location to location, and thousands of items that are not stocked are available by special order and generally available the next day. If you would like to know whether we have a certain item available, or to receive the most up-to-date list of stocked items, please inquire directly with:

Biomedical Sciences Research Building (BSRB): 615-6072

Brehm Tower: 232-8206

Life Sciences Institute (LSI): 615-5701

Medical Science Research Building II (MSRB II): 615-5447 or 936-7626

North Campus Research Complex (NCRC Building 14): 615-2601

All locations are open 8:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. and 1:15 p.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and Store personnel are happy to assist with your purchases or any questions.

To learn more, download the Biomedical Research Store Flyer.

Christina Stilson
Manager, Biomedical Research Store