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University of Michigan Cores

See the table of links below for a listing of core services available at the University of Michigan. If you have a question about one of the existing cores, or would like to add an additional core, please contact brcf-umms@umich.edu.

Updated: November 6, 2015

Core/Lab Website

Affymetrix and Molecular Biology Core Laboratory 
Animal Biosafety Level 3 Facility(ULAM-ABSL3) 
Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (ULAM-PCAR) 
Animal Husbandry Services - Routine(ULAM) 
Animal Husbandry Services - Specialized(ULAM) 
Animal Imaging Room (ULAM-AIR) 
Animal Necropsy, Histology and Pathology Services (ULAM-PCAR) 
Animal Phenotyping Core Laboratory 
Animal Research Technical Services (ULAM-TechService) 
Animal Surgery Operating Room (ULAM-ASOR) 
Beamline Facility 
Biochemical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core 
Bioinformatics Core (CCDU) 
Biomedical Imaging Core 
Biomedical Mass Spectrometry Facility (LC/MS/MS, MALDI & GC/MS services) 
Biomedical Research Store 
Biosafety Containment Core 
Biostatistics Core of the Cancer Center 
Biostatistics Program - MICHR CTSA 
CAMTraST (Center for Advanced Models and Translational Sciences and Therapeutics)
Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office 
Cancer Informatics Core 
Center for Chemical Genomics 
Center for Integrative Genomics 
Center for Live-Cell Imaging 
Center for Molecular Imaging 
Center for Organogenesis 
Center for Structural Biology-Crystallization Screening Lab 
Center for Structural Biology-High Throughput Protein Lab 
Center for Structural Biology-Protein
Central Campus Electron Beam Analysis Laboratory 
Chemistry NMR Services 
Clinical Ligand Assay Service Satellite(CLASS) Laboratory 
Clinical Research Informatics Core(CRIC) - MICHR CTSA 
Computer Data Recovery Service 
Consortium for Stem Cell Therapies 
Core Assay Facility (CAF)
Data Coordinating Center Services -MICHR CTSA 
DNA Sequencing Core 
Drosophila Aging Core 
Echocardiography Core 
Experimental Irradiation Core - Cancer Center
Flow Cytometry Core 
Functional Assessment Core - Nathan
Functional Magnetic Resonance Laboratory fMRI 
Genomic Diversity Laboratory (GDL) 
Germ Free (Gnotobiotic/Axenic)Laboratory (ULAM) 
Health Communications 
High Resolution Specimen and in vivo Micro CT Core 
Histology Core Facility 
Human Applications Laboratory (HAL) 
Human Subjects and Assessment Core 
Hybridoma Core 
Immunologic Monitoring 
Kresge Electrical Shop 
Kresge Mechanical Shop 
Life Sciences Collaborative Access Team
Lurie Nanofabrication Facility 
Mass Spectrometry Services 
MDRTC Behavioral, Clinical and Health
MDRTC Biostatistics and Economic Modeling Core 
MDRTC Cell and Molecular Biology Core 
MDRTC Chemistry Laboratory 
MDRTC Measurement Core 
MDRTC Morphology and Image Analysis Core(MIAC) 
Medicinal Chemistry Core Synthesis Lab 
Metabolomics Core 
Methodology, Data Management and Analysis Core 
Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Center 
Michigan Center for Oral Health Research 
Michigan Clinical Research Unit (MCRU) 
Michigan Gastrointestinal Peptide Research Center 
Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory 
MICHR Biorepository 
MICHR Clinical Trials Office 
MicroCT Core Lab 
Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory 
MLibrary Document Delivery 
Mouse Phenotyping Core (ULAM-MPC) 
NMR CORE Facility 
North Campus Electron Beam Analysis Laboratory 
Pathology Proteomics Resource Facility 
Physical Activity and Exercise Intervention Research (PAEIR) 
Physiology Phenotyping Core 
Proteomics & Peptide Synthesis Core
Proteomics Core at Wayne State University 
Pyrosequencing Core 
Radiology Core for Nuclear Medicine 
Regulatory Support Program - MICHR CTSA 
Research Development Core - MICHR CTSA 
Rodent Health Surveillance Team Services(ULAM-RHST) 
Shock Center of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging 
Sleep Research Core 
SMART (Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time) Center
Spectroscopy Resources 
Systems (BCHS) Intervention Research (BCHS core is not a Lab) 
Tissue Procurement Core 
Transgenic Animal Model Core 
Tumor Imaging Core 
Vector Core 
X-Ray Crystallography