UMMS Central Biorepository

The Central Biorepository (CBR) is a unit of the UMMS Office of Research and part of the Medical School's Strategic Research Initiative. We enhance the full spectrum of our research portfolio by providing a world-class, accredited, standardized, safe and monitored environment for the processing, storage and distribution of high-quality normal and diseased biospecimens annotated with detailed clinical and laboratory data. 

technician loading reagent on extraction robot

We hope to create a centralized infrastructure for research and partner with investigators in order to enhance their work and the University research portfolio.  Operating as a core recharge unit, the CBR offers a variety of specimen storage, processing, and distribution services.  Services and rates can be found here.

The facility offers multitiered power and security redundancies. Additionally, all ultra-low mechanical freezers are equipped with liquid nitrogen backup systems and our vapor-phase LN2 freezers are stabile for weeks without refill.  All CBR processes are executed per operating protocols and all operations are supported by a robust Quality Management System.  Additionally, we are able to aid your specimen collection workflow with custom-designed, labeled specimen collection kits.


More information and formal applications for entry into the CBR can be found on the How to Participate page.  We look forward to hearing from you!