Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research

Data Office

Breaking news! The Honest Broker Office and the Research Data Warehouse have combined into one unit called:

Data Office for Clinical and Translational Research 

Part of the UMMS Office of Research and the Medical School’s Strategic Research Initiative, stay tuned for updates as this united organization continues to facilitate easier access to patient health data for University of Michigan researchers.

Self-Serve Data Tools button Support your new funding proposal, inform study design, and craft limited patient data searches. Free. 
Custom Data Request button Complex data pull that self-serve tools cannot address. Fee for service. 
Data Consultation button Consultation tailored to your needs and a deep dive into all patient health data resources available. Free.
Data Sharing Agreement button Assure privacy and security safeguards are in place when sharing patient health data with external collaborators. 

We host quarterly presentations on accessing clinical data for research. Please consider inviting us to present for your department meetings. Contact us.