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What is an IRBMED Fee?

An IRBMED Fee of $1,800 is assessed on projects that are industry sponsored in order to help support the functioning costs of the IRBMED.  The fees help underwrite a portion of the office and the administrative support needed to handle the IRB review and approval process.  Not all sponsors allow this type of a fee (for instance, it is prohibited on federal agreements), but as we are able to offset the cost of the administrative requirements, we do collect.


When Is an IRBMED Fee Charged?

An IRBMED fee of $1,800 is charged if the following five conditions are met*:

  • new project
  • from an industry sponsor
  • where the project has human use
  • is funded
  • and is using our IRBMED for IRB review. (*New 7/1/2013)

It is key to note that the IRBMED fee is charged per new sponsor contract.  Amendments are not subject to recovery; however, stand-alone contracts, even if affiliated with a current IRB approval, are assessed the fee.

*As part of the move to allow commerical (or central) IRBs, we will no longer charge IRB Fees to projects that use these outside vendors.  Instead, sponsors will individually contract the groups and pay them directly.  If on the CTRF or PAF you answer the cIRB question "YES," you should have no IRB fee in your budget.  If you answer "NO," the aforementioned rules of recovery apply. (*New 7/1/2013)

The IRB Fee is assessed after the Medical School Grant Review & Analysis Office receives and enters the PAN.  If you have questions about a fee charged to your P/G or the applicability when formulating a budget, please contact Grant Review & Analysis at 763-4272 or


Announcement of IRBMED Fee Change


TO:        Medical School Department Chairs and Administrators

FROM:  Steve A. Goldstein, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
               William R. Elger, Executive Director for Administration and Chief Financial Officer

DATE:   January 21, 2003

RE:        IRB fee for industrial sponsors

The Medical School announces an increase in the IRBMED fee charged to industry sponsors.

For the first time since 1997, when the fee was introduced, the Medical School will increase the charge to industrial sponsors for review of protocols involving human research participants by the Medical School's Institutional Review Boards. The fee will increase from $1,000 to $1,800.

Sponsored projects being routed to the Medical School Grants Office will be expected to carry the new rate as of February 17, 2003. Previously reviewed proposals, or those undergoing current review, may be grandfathered into this system. The Medical School Grants Office will make the determinations for any exceptions to the new fee during this transition.

A review of peer institutions indicates this increased fee is consistent within the practices of the group. Industrial sponsors of research involving human subjects are accustomed to paying fees for IRB review as a direct cost line item in the study budget.

We will further communicate this information to the research community via the Biomedical Research News, E-News, and some targeted e-mail groups.

If you have any questions about implementation, please contact the Medical School Grants Office at 763-4272.

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