Honest Broker Office



"I wish we had an Honest Broker Office like this back in Seattle. This is a real bonus that's come with my move to UM."

 - Int Med - Hem/Onc Clinical Researcher, Multi-site collaboration for biospecimens and clinical data


The Honest Broker Office (HBO)  is  a UM Strategic Research Initiative created to improve access to patient data for research purposes. To assure efficient service delivery, this office is structured like other biomedical research cores with a fee for service model. (HBO quarterly metrics) A cost estimate will be generated following review of the HBO data set request for approval by the proposing investigator. Contact us if you need an estimate for grant proposals (HBO grant template).

Address   2800 Plymouth Road, North Campus Research Complex, Bldg 520, 3rd Floor

Phone      615-2100

Email       HonestBroker@umich.edu


HBO Self-Service Tools

Institutionally supported self-serve tools are available for faculty researchers and their study team members to access both discrete and text elements from the electronic medical record (EMR). The following tools are currently available:

  • EMERSE: EMERSE provides search capabilities of text documents in the patient record.
  • i2b2: i2b2 provides de-identified data search to generate aggregate counts for cohort identification.  i2b2 identified data queries is currently being tested.

Additional tools and capabilities will be announced as they are made available.

You can find more information on these tools by clicking here. You may apply for access to these tools by clicking here.


Clinical Data Set Requests

Before you begin you'll need the following mandatory items to complete your request:

  • IRB Approval and HUM Number, if applicable
  • PI Uniqname and Study Team Members
  • a completed Data Set Specification (unless you are requesting preparation or review of a Data Sharing Agreement--see next section below)

There are four steps to requesting data from the HBO:

Data Request Workflow

  1. Complete a Data Request Form. This is the general administrative and regulatory information about your request. (For details on how to complete the form, click here)
  2. Complete a Data Set Specification. This is how you identify the data you want, and the patient population to include/exclude in that data. (For details on how to complete the form, click here).
  3. Associate your Data Set Specification with your Data Request.
  4. Submit your Data Request. You will receive a confirmation of your submission, including a reference ("HPI") number for your request.


Preparation and Review of Data Sharing Agreements

If you'd like to learn more about Data Sharing Agreements, click here.

If you need assistance with preparation or review of a Data Sharing agreement, we can help:

1)  Complete a Data Request (click here to open the Data Request Form), using the following values in the form:

Study and Contact Information

  • eResearch Study: Select “No Study – Data Sharing AgreementReview Only
  • PI Name: Enter the PI’s name in Lastname, Firstname format
  • PI Uniqname: Enter the PI’s Uniqname

Data Type Information

  • Goal of Request: Select “Preparation/Review of Data Sharing Agreement
  • Data Type: Select “N/A
  • Will all study team members listed in eResearch have access to the data?: Select “N/A
  • What is the delivery schedule for your data?: Select “N/A

Data Storage

  • Where will this data be stored?: Select “N/A

Complete the other form fields as is appropriate to your request.

2)  Submit your Data Request, and attach any completed documentation required to complete your request.


Other Resources

  • Consulting hours by appointment only: call or email to schedule
  • To request a MiChart Smart Form for Research Data collection and reporting, please complete the MiChart Research Request Form.
  • ICD-9 and CPT Code Look Up (Link)
  • De-identified data definition (Link
  • EMERSE training modules (Link)
  • To request data for Quality Improvement Projects, please contact PACE (Performance Assessment & Clinical Effectiveness) team for data; OCA-PACE-Requests@med.umich.edu, phone 615-0294.