Honest Broker Office


Office Hours: Tuesdays 2-4pm, Med Sci I, sign up 

As part of the Strategic Research Initiative, the Honest Broker Office (HBO) supports UMHS faculty by providing patient level health record data for research. (HBO quarterly metrics) For access to self-serve tools that enable the researcher to generate aggregate counts or search text documents in MiChart and CareWeb, please go to HBO Self-Serve Tools For QI project data, contact the PACE (Performance Assessment & Clinical Effectiveness) team for data; OCA-PACE-Requests@med.umich.edu, phone 615-0294. 

In the inaugural year of the HBO, data extraction and delivery was provided free of charge to UMHS research teams. To better align staffing with demand, on Jan. 6, 2014, a recharge rate of $50/hour was implemented which represents only 16% of the actual costs. Requests received prior to Jan. 6, 2014 will not be charged.


Please complete the online HBO Request Form (requires VPN access outside the network) for UM patient clinical data. Define your patient population and select your needed data elements in this worksheet which needs to be attached to your online request form. (worksheet: enable the macros if prompted, do not click and drag to attach to your online request) Visit us during our Office Hours 2-4pm on Tuesdays for help completing your request (sign up here) or contact us to make an appointment for another time (615-2100, HonestBroker@umich.edu).

Before you begin you'll need the following mandatory items to complete your request:

    • IRB Approval and HUM Number (except for Aggregate Counts)
    • PI Uniquename and Study Team Members
    • Inclusion Rules with Dates, ICD-9, CPT (Link to code selection tool)
    • Specific Data Elements (De-identified data means suppressing more than SSNs and names, for details click here.)

Please ensure your request is complete and reviewed by the PI before submitting. Turnaround time is 1 to 12 weeks from approval of request, depending on complexity. If you experience difficulties with the online form, download the pdf version and email the form and completed worksheet to HonestBroker@umich.edu