Honest Broker Office

The Honest Broker Office (HBO) facilitates access to patient health data for University of Michigan research purposes.  


DataDirect is available to UMMS faculty and research staff for downloading full protected health information (PHI). 

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Self-Serve Data Tools

Institutionally supported self-serve tools are available for faculty researchers and their study team members to access both discrete and text elements from the electronic medical record (EMR). Learn More -> Request access to tools ->

Login to the Tools:

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Request Data

The HBO can send you a data file. Once you have IRBMED approval for your research project, define your subjects and data set specifications (click here). Attach your data set specifications to your online data request form. Details on how to create and submit a request may be accessed here. You may save your work and submit at a later time. Learn More ->

Data Sharing Agreement

If you are sharing data outside of the University of Michigan, please complete an Unfunded Agreement (UFA) in the eResearch Proposal Management system. Learn More ->

Consult & Contact

Upcoming Events

HBO hosts quarterly presentations on accessing clinical data for research. Please consider inviting us to present for your department meetings. Contact us.