Kickoff! Host Microbiome Initiative

The Human Microbiome and Its Role in Health and Disease

Thursday, September 26th, 2013
M5330, Med Sci I
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Lita Proctor, PhD
Lita Proctor, PhD

Special Guest:
Lita Proctor, PhD
Project Manager
Human Microbiome Project
National Institutes of Health

We humans are host to a vast number and diversity of microbial life - bacteria, viruses and fungi – which along with their genes and genomes we now call the human microbiome.

Though we have known for centuries that microbes are a part of the human body, the extent and complexity of these microbial communities, their natural history and the crucial roles they play in human health is only just being recognized.

Dr. Proctor will discuss the NIH Human Microbiome Project, an 8-year, $194M program to produce microbiome data, computational tools, and scientific approaches as community resources to support this emerging field.

Harry Mobley, PhD
Thomas Schmidt, PhD
Vincent Young, MD, PhD

Join these leaders in the field as they kick off the Host Microbiome Initiative of the Strategic Research Initiative, working to "fast forward" innovative research at the University of Michigan.

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