Drs. Doug Arenberg & Beth Belloli (fellow) performing bronchoscopy.

The Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division at The University of Michigan Health System is widely recognized for the excellence of its clinical care and for its educational and research programs pertaining to lung health and disease.

 Our fellowship program is designed to develop academicians, consultant-caliber clinicians, and leaders for the pharmaceutical and health care industries.

 We currently offer two fellowships.

 1.  ACGME approved three year training in Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care Medicine 

The notable strengths of the fellowship program include:

  • an unusual balance of excellence in both clinical and research training
  • 47 dynamic faculty members whose expertise spans a wide range of clinical and research arenas; many are national leaders in their fields, and many have demonstrated track records mentoring fellows
  • two hospitals (University and VA) that provide complementary patient populations
  • opportunities for research training in fields including cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, clinical physiology, clinical trials, epidemiology, health services and outcomes research, and medical education
  • superb physical facilities and intellectual environment across the Medical Center and the University


 2.  ACGME approved two year training in  Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

  • Designed for Emergency Medicine trained physicians in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Medicine, the Michigan Center for Integrative Research in Critical Care (MCIRCC) and a UMHS directive to expand care of the critically ill.
    Dr. Kyle Gunnerson, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
  • Dr. Kyle Gunnerson, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, serves as the Associate Program Director for the IM-CCM trainees under the oversight of Dr. Kevin Chan, PCCM Fellowship Director.
  • The IM-CCM program is a two-year fellowship that involves rotations in the Critical Care Medical Unit, the Neurological Critical Care Unit, the Critical Care Unit, the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, the Emergency Department Intensive Care Unit, the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, Palliative Care, Nutrition and several electives. The IM-CCM fellow will be rotating in the Critical Care Medical Unit three months each year.  




More information on the Internal Medicine - Critical Care Medicine Fellowship can be found at the Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program Website located here - 


Program Director

Kevin Chan, M.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Medical Director, Lung Transplantation
Fellowship Director, Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine Program
Clinic Appointments: Taubman Center: 734-763-7668 or Brighton: 810-220-1270

Associate Program Director - Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Rommel Sagana, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Medical Director, 6C Medicine/Pulmonary Service
Dyspnea: Taubman Center (734) 763-7668 Appts x2 Nurse x5

Associate Program Director - Critical Care Medicine

Kyle Gunnerson, M.D.

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Director, Emergency Critical Care Center
(734) 763-2134

Associate Program Director for Research

Marc Peters-Golden, M.D.

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Associate Director, Fellowship Program in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Pulmonary Appointments: (888) 287-1084 or (734) 647-9342 x2, Nurses: (734) 936-5549 x7

Program Coordinator - Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine

Patty Urban

PCCM Fellowship Coordinator
Phone: 734-763-9077