Anatomical Sciences Academics

Welcome to the Division of Anatomical Sciences (DAS), the educational and research center for human anatomy in the U-M Medical School’s Department of Surgery. DAS faculty design and facilitate curricula supporting the Medical School, School of Dentistry, and numerous graduate and undergraduate colleges. Faculty also are involved in anatomical research, pedagogical research, and developing premier tools for learning anatomy.

Services & Programs

  • Curricula & Scholars Program:  The Division of Anatomical Sciences provides courses in the focus areas of medical, dental, and anatomy education. These courses include M1 Foundations of Anatomy, M2 SAS, M4 RPCs & Bootcamps, DENT 545, D1 & D2 Sequences, D3, ANAT 403, ANAT 510, and MOOCs. The Nishioka Anatomy Scholars program is available to those students who wish to pursue further studies of anatomical sciences.
  • Anatomical Consulting & Collaborations: DAS faculty are interested and available for consulting and collaborative endeavors with students, faculty, and staff. Please see faculty profiles for areas of interest and specialization, or contact Director Dr. B. Kathleen Alsup for assistance.
  • Plastinated Anatomical Specimens: U-M DAS maintains a sizable collection of permanently preserved anatomical materials, including large osteological and plastinated collections. Some of these materials are on loan to other U-M colleges as well as external colleges and universities. Dr. Mary Orczykowski and Dr. Amanda Kingston curate these collections, and may be contacted for inquiries.
  • Donor Requests & Laboratory Booking: Requests for anatomical donors and/or laboratory use are facilitated through the Anatomical Donations Program. Please contact Clayne Frazer at 734-764-4359 or [email protected] for more information.


Individuals interested in providing support to the Division of Anatomical Sciences for opportunities such as the Nishioka Anatomy Scholars program may contact Matt Douponce, the Department of Surgery Director of Development, at 734-763-5392 or [email protected].