Curricula & Scholars Program

DAS faculty teach courses and facilitate experiences to support learners in the Medical School, School of Dentistry, all other colleges of the University of Michigan, and students worldwide.


M1 Foundations of Anatomy

Foundations of Anatomy provides first year medical students with the content and context they need to be successful as future clinicians. Lectures, small groups, and dissection laboratory sessions support M1 curricular blocks, and provide students with a carefully integrated exploration of regional gross anatomy. Offered Fall-Winter semesters. Team taught. Course directors: Drs. B. Kathleen Alsup & Glenn M. Fox.


The Anatomy week of the second year Surgery & Applied Science clerkship focuses on regional and applied clinical anatomy of the head and neck. Students complete podcast lectures at their own pace, and work through dissection laboratory sessions to achieve an understanding of the high yield clinical regions of the head and neck.  Offered year-round. Course director: Dr. David Brzezinski.

M4 RPCs & Bootcamps

Anatomy faculty participate as lecturers and laboratory consultants to support the various residency prep courses (RPCs) and bootcamps, which provide fourth year medical students an immersive preview of their chosen specialties. Offered Winter semester. Coordinator: Dr. Kelli Sullivan.


DENT 545

Head & Neck Gross Anatomy (DENT 545) provides first semester dental students with a rigorous and expansive understanding of the anatomy of the head and neck. Lectures and dissection laboratories provide students with didactic and active learning required for mastery of the anatomy of these regions. Offered Spring-Summer. Team taught. Course directors: Drs. B. Kathleen Alsup & Glenn M. Fox.

D1 & D2 Sequences

Anatomy faculty participate as lecturers and laboratory guides for first and second year dental students as they complete foundational medical systems sequences. Offered Fall-Winter-Spring semesters. Coordinator: Dr. Andrew Barnosky.


Applied Clinical Head & Neck Anatomy provides third year dental students with the opportunity to develop a robust understanding of the science of the anatomy of the head and neck to apply to clinical care. Lectures, a hands-on lab, and an active patient examination bridge the gap between the anatomy learned in preclinical years with their future practice as clinicians. Offered Spring-Summer semesters. Course director: Dr. David Brzezinski.


ANAT 403

Human Anatomy (ANAT 403) offers students with a broad understanding of systems-based human anatomy. Lectures and curated observational lab sessions provide students with the understanding of human anatomy needed to apply and be successful in their future programs and careers. Team taught. Offered Fall & Winter semesters. Course director: Dr. Kelli Sullivan.

ANAT 510

Anatomy Teaching Experience (ANAT 510) is a companion course to ANAT 403 that allows previously successful 403 students with the opportunity to develop as anatomy educators. Students work with anatomy faculty to build and refine their funds of anatomy knowledge as teaching assistants in ANAT 403 labs. Offered Fall & Winter semesters. Course director: Dr. Mary Orczykowski.


As educators at a premier public university, anatomy faculty are dedicated to sharing educational opportunities with extramural students. Drs. B. Kathleen Alsup, Glenn M. Fox, and Kelli Sullivan developed system-based human anatomy curricula offered through EdX and Coursera platforms to support the foundational student of anatomy. These courses may be taken for free, or students may earn a certificate for a fee. Offered year-round.

Nishioka Anatomy Scholars

Through the generous support of the George S. Nishioka Estate, the Nishioka Anatomy Scholars program serves students interested in either a career in anatomy or further specialized anatomy learning experiences. Nishioka Anatomy Scholars participate in specialized dissection, prosection, and assist in facilitating M1 and/or D1 curricula. Interested medical, dental, or graduate students with experience in gross or foundational anatomy may apply to become a Nishioka Anatomy Scholar.

Current Scholars & Alumni:

    • Irisa Arney (2018-19)
    • Morgan Penny (2018-19)