Mary Orczykowski

Mary Orczykowski, PhD

Lecturer IV & Co-Curator, Anatomical Sciences


Dr. Mary Orczykowski is a lecturer in the Division of Anatomical Sciences. She received her Ph.D. in Anatomy and Neurobiology from Boston University School of Medicine in 2017. Her research interests include human anatomy education, human anatomical variation, the use of 3D printing in anatomical education, imaging cadaveric microvasculature, and neurohistology.

Dr. Orczykowski contributes to anatomical teaching within undergraduate, medical, and dental curricula. She directs the ANAT 510 teaching experience for undergraduates.

Areas of Interest

Research and Scholarly Interests:

Human Anatomy Education, Human Anatomical Variation, 3D Printing in Anatomical Education

Subject-Matter Expertise:

Human Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Gastrointestinal Anatomy, Fascial Layers