DEI News and Events: Spring 2022

Anesthesiology to participate in Michigan Medicine Youth Summit at the Big House

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) will host the inaugural Youth Summit at the Big House on Saturday, May 21. OHEI is partnering with nearly 40 departments — including Anesthesiology — for the event, which is designed to provide opportunities for middle school students who are under-represented in the health sciences to visit campus and engage with practitioners through hands-on simulations, personal connections, and curated resources in preparation for medical career paths. 

Building Toward Belonging implicit bias training + additional training requests

Michigan Medicine is pleased to introduce Building Toward Belonging: Michigan Medicine Implicit Bias Training (LARA Compliant) that will serve as the foundation for a continuous curriculum to help us evolve into a more respectful and inclusive academic medical center. 


This mandatory training is the organization’s first step in developing a continuous curriculum to educate our community on why inclusion matters, identify key ally ship behaviors that reduce the influence of implicit bias in decision-making, and integrate strategies for mitigating bias in daily work. Learn more


OHEI offers many training courses in addition to the new Building Toward Belonging training. DEI Lead Kim Ward is available to coordinate and facilitate trainings and professional development for our department, including: 


DEI Webinar from AIS available: Microaggressions in the Surgical Workplace (website registration necessary)

The surgical workplace requires rapid processing of a wide range of data from multiple sources. Surgical teams depend on information exchange, pattern recognition, cohesion, and the mutual respect and trust of fellow team members to make complex surgical decisions. When the health system seeks to provide surgical care within a social ecosystem that embodies a caste infrastructure, the result is a significant weakness in the delivery of high-quality care. Caste systems are grounded in historically ingrained inequalities rooted in the belief that certain groups of people are inferior based on gender, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. Leaders of the Society of Black Academic Surgeons (SBAS) will present new and revealing research and personal stories that underscore how microaggressions in the surgical workforce serve to hinder health systems and patient outcomes. The panel session will elaborate on past challenges, and of equal importance, suggest potential solutions to forge a path forward including allyship.

OHEI resource groups aim to foster inclusion and collaboration

The Office for Health Equity and Inclusion (OHEI) offers monthly resource groups for a variety of communities to offer feedback to Michigan Medicine leadership on how to foster inclusion and collaboration. Current resource groups include Working Families, Spirituality, Veterans, and Black Voices. 


Resource group membership is open to all Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, students, friends, and allies. Group membership is voluntary, and the member-led group catalyzes efforts to drive innovation and make workplace culture more inclusive, engaged, productive, and aligned to support strategic goals. Learn more on OHEI’s website

BMA Banquet to recognize graduating medical school class

The Department of Anesthesiology, led by DEI Lead Kim Ward, is helping to plan the 2022 Black Medical Association Senior Banquet. This annual event, scheduled for May 12, celebrates the graduation classes for completing their medical education at University of Michigan Medical School and sends them off with love and support as they embark on the next phase of their training.