Responsibilities & Benefits

Fellows will spend 4 days per week in supervising anesthetic care in one OTO, OMFS, or other operating room relating to unique airway management and/or head and neck surgical procedures. In addition, the fellow will continue to develop his or her skills as a general anesthesiologist by covering two general surgical operating rooms, one day per week. Fellows will be a part of the General Anesthesiology Faculty call team at UMHS, providing an opportunity to staff on call residents and CRNAs while having additional backup faculty available for questions and concerns. This serves as a unique educational experience and transition to a faculty role. There will be one in house emergency call as the attending anesthesiologist each month, in addition to being on late or back-up home call approximately 3 to 4 times per month. The day after each call will be an academic day. Additionally, the fellow will have two or three days per week (or as decided with the fellowship director) to pursue research. The fellow will be appointed as a Clinical Lecturer/Head and Neck Anesthesiology Fellow. The fellow’s annual salary will be $85,000 ($80,000 base and $5,000 Academic Supplement) with an additional annual allowance of $3,000 for education and work related travel. The Department will pay for the renewal of Michigan medical and controlled substance license fees and dues to the American Society of Anesthesiology and International Anesthesia Research Society. Fellows will be given 30 vacation days.