Perioperative Medicine Fellowship

The Department of Anesthesiology at Michigan Medicine is excited to offer a Perioperative Medicine fellowship. This is a one year non-ACGME fellowship that aims at solidifying the role of an anesthesiologist as a perioperative physician.

Michigan Medicine’s Perioperative Medicine fellowship provides a unique opportunity for anesthesiologists-in-training to work across specialties to gain experience in managing surgical patients during all phases of care.

This is an excellent opportunity to prepare graduates to lead perioperative clinics, gain a broad understanding of this specialized niche and expand experience with optimizing and managing complex cases both in the perioperative period and in the operating room. Candidates will also be involved in designing pathways to improve surgical quality of care through designing and implementing Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocols.

We are uniquely positioned to provide a comprehensive and broad experience to our fellows that will allow them to learn and interact with other specialties involved in the care of surgical patients. Our institution is nationally and internationally renowned and has a world class group of specialists with expertise that will enhance the fellowship experience for our candidates.

In addition to working in high risk preoperative clinics, candidates will have the opportunity to learn other skills such as Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) and Pain Medicine.

Clinical educational objectives:

  • Staffing busy high risk preoperative clinics that receive direct referrals for different surgical specialties and referrals for high risk obstetric patients.
  • Rotation with Pain and Addiction Medicine clinics.
  • POCUS training with specialized faculty.
  • Learning and training in the Michigan Medicine’s Cardiopulmonary exercise testing laboratories.
  • Rotation in Perioperative Medicine clinics with Internal Medicine physicians.
  • Rotation in Geriatric clinics for frailty assessments and cognitive evaluations.
  • Staffing high risk surgical patients in the OR.

Academic educational objectives:

MSc in Perioperative Medicine – fellows will be enrolled in the University College London (UCL) Master's Program in Perioperative Medicine. Topics covered will include:

  • Emerging concepts in perioperative medicine
  • Designing clinical pathways and developing quality metrics
  • Preoperative assessment and management of common clinical conditions
  • Intraoperative management strategies
  • Postoperative recovery and management of common clinical conditions
  • Ethics in perioperative medicine
  • Implementation science and Lean management for healthcare

Research Objectives

Fellows will be expected to complete an academic project and present it at a regional or national conference. Opportunities for clinical research and other scholarly activity are abundant and will be tailored to the interests of the fellow. 

Opportunity for Overseas Rotation:

Michigan Medicine’s Anesthesiology Department will partner with University College London (UCL) Perioperative Medicine Program to provide our fellows with an opportunity to learn from pioneers of Perioperative Medicine in a state of the art Anesthesiology Department at UCL.