Other Learners

The Department of Anesthesiology provides formal education for residents, interns and fellows. In addition, we provide supplementary educational support for paramedic students, dental residents and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) students. 

Paramedic Students

Paramedic students rotate through University Hospital ORs to learn intubations on adults. The program requires five witnessed, successful intubations. Prior to this hands-on experience, students practice intubations on mannequins. Students can also practice other airway maneuvers including bag-mask ventilation, placement of LMAs, and use of other airway devices. Although it is possible to complete five intubations in one eight-hour day, it is frequently necessary to come for a second day. Still, students are encouraged to complete more that the minimum number of intubations.

Dental Residents

Dental residents are affiliated with the University of Michigan Dental School and are in the midst of a year of post-DDS training, which focuses on hospital-based patients. Residents rotate four weeks on the anesthesia service after having completed six months of their residency. These residents are treated like medical students during the month on anesthesia and are assigned to rooms where they are paired with an anesthesia resident or a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Overall, residents focus on airway management and use of anesthetic drugs.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Students-Mott

Mott Children's Hospital accepts two CRNA student rotators each month who work directly with our CRNA staff. Welcome! Here is what you need to know.

  • Emily MacNeil, CRNA (click here to email) and Kirsten Thulin, CRNA (click here to email) are the co-clinical coordinators for the Mott rotation.
  • On your first clinical day you should report at 7:30 A.M. to the pediatric anesthesia offices, 4-911 Mott Children's Hospital. Our office is just past the Pediatric Surgery Clinic. You should park in Visitor Parking P4. Obtain a visitor's badge at one of the badge stations and proceed to Mott Hospital (follow signs).
  • Please bring the completed health questionnaire form (click here) and flu shot record for the 2015-2016 flu season with you on your first day or have your program send verification of compliance with this requirement to Charlene McLean (click here to email), prior to your first day. Also bring a photo ID and/or your old UM ID badge if you've rotated at UM prior.
  • You will be required to complete all University of Michigan Health System mandatory learning activities prior to patient contact. Click here to access mlearning modules .
Room 4-911 Mott Children's Hospital
1540 E. Hospital Dr.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-4245

Student Expectations

Cases usually start at 7:30

  • First day plan to spend in office doing paper work, competencies, centricity training, parking, and obtaining level one password, etc.
  • Be prepared to discuss case with MD also, not just the co-assigned CRNA.
  • Lectures start at 6:30 in Anesthesia Conference Room 4-950A Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, your attendance is expected. Please sign in every morning.
  • Journal club attendance is expected.
  • Thursday mornings are M&M at 6:45-7:45 at M3330 Med Sci 1.
  • Most days you could be alternating with other CRNAs or residents so do expect to do every other case in the room.
  • Schedules are usually available after 1:00. If not at clinical, schedule will be emailed. Registration number will be included in email.
  • Patient histories can be found in MyChart. You should be able to get MyChart information from home. Please inform us if you have problems getting access to MyChart from home.
  • All inpatients should be seen the night before.
  • Be able to verbalize case: patient specific history, indications for treatment, possible complications and therapies, fluid replacement and alternative anesthetics.
  • Careplans are expected every day.
  • Please return all evaluations to either Emily or Kirsten.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Students-UH

The University of Michigan Main facility accepts up to 5 students per month for clinical anesthesia experience. As a student of anesthesia you will be assigned a mentor CRNA to work with while you are here. Please take advantage of the wide variety of surgical procedures and anesthetic techniques we utilize.

  • Ray Elmblad, CRNA, DrAP (remblad@med.umich.edu) is the Clinical Site Coordinator and liaison between the Anesthesia programs and the UMHS facility. Kathy Samoray, CRNA, MS (ksamoray@med.umich.edu) is the Assistant Clinical Site Coordinator.
  • Michelle Tripp (marra@med.umich.edu) is the department administrative assistant. Her desk number is 734-936-4211. Her fax # is 734-936-9091. She will be your first department contact individual.
  • The Anesthesia department front desk phone number is 734-936-4270. If you need to communicate with the coordinator team, you may also use this number and the desk secretary will facilitate connecting with Ray Elmblad or Kathy Samoray.
  • If Ray or Kathy are unavailable to you during a clinical day, please contact the charge CRNA of the day, they will facilitate an assignment or help address any issues you may encounter.
  • If you are off campus and would like to page an individual you may do so at: https://ummcweb33.mcit.med.umich.edu/homepaging/PagingSend/search.aspx . Search by last name, and alpha text your message.

Welcome to the University of Michigan Department of Anesthesia. We look forward to meeting you.

What you need to bring or send

  • A completed health history questionnaire and flu shot record.
    • You may have your program send this ahead of time to our administrative assistant Michelle Tripp.
  • Bring a photo id
  • Bring your U of M Flint id badge or your old employment id badge if applicable
  • Bring a lock for your locker
  • Let Michelle know what size scrubs you wear

Your first day

  • Come to the anesthesia offices at 7:00 am. You will spend the day doing mandatory learning activities, getting correct id badges, getting parking permits, and getting an orientation to the operating rooms and offsite anesthetizing locations.


Once you get to the hospital and you are on Medical Center Drive you will want to park in Structure P2 or P3 which is attached to the Taubman Center. The cost for parking is $2 for the 1st hour and then $1 every additional hour.

Hospital address is

  • 1500 East Medical Center Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5048
  • Parking map

Finding the anesthesia office:

After parking go to the 1st floor of Taubman Center and head toward the Main Hospital. You will head toward the welcome center desk and follow the signs to University Hospital. You will pass the pharmacy and a big sitting area with a piano. You will pass the patient and family waiting area (red column on the wall). We are the last hallway on your right, across from the West escalators. Our room number is 1H247 UH. If you get turned around look for the beige house phones and call 6-4280; this is the number to the anesthesia offices and someone can assist you. Once you get to the front office ask for Michelle Tripp.

Student Expectations

  • All rooms start at 7:30, except on Thursdays where there is an 8:30 start time because of M&M beforehand. You are expected to attend M&M (M3330 Med Science 1)
  • An abbreviated care plan is expected for any case you have not done before or any pathophysiology you have not seen before. We do not want 5 page care plans; be specific to the case, the potential complications, and the treatments.
  • Assignments will be available by 3PM the day before. You will be sent an email with the assignment that will include the CRNA pager number and OR in which you will be working. You will then be able to use the CRNA pager number to look up your assignment in Careweb.
  • Offsite anesthesia will be the primary focus of this rotation since that is where CRNA’s spend most of their time here at UH. For reference material can you visit the radiology website or the room tip section under reference materials on the anesthesia website.