Resident Wellness Resources

Thrive! Stress Management Program

It's not only about managing stress, it's about learning how to thrive! The MHealthy Thrive! Program is a comprehensive stress management and prevention program that aims to foster psychological well-being by energizing work climates, enhancing relationships, and maximizing personal strength. 

UMHS Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

As members of the UMHS community, we understand the challenges and joys of working in a health care system and the need for meaning, pleasure, and engagement in our lives. Whether you are concerned about your health, relationships, or work, we exist to serve you. We offer a wide range of personal and professional development services. 

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP)

The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP) provides support and assistance to University staff and faculty in resolving personal or work related concerns. Through a range of sensitive and innovative services, FASAP seeks to enhance the emotional health, well-being and job performance of members of the university community. By providing confidential and professional counseling, coaching, training, and consultation services to staff, faculty, retirees, benefit-eligible dependents and departments, FASAP helps individuals develop and foster strengths and resiliency to enhance their personal and professional lives.

MHealthy Fitness Center

MHealthy Fitness Center in Ann Arbor is a medically-based fitness center. Our highly-trained staff and non-judgmental atmosphere make this a safe and welcoming place for people of all ages, abilities and sizes to work out. Daily passes and three-, six-, and twelve-month memberships are available. 

Nutrition Resources

Several tools and links to help with your nutrition goals. 

HOA Connect

HOA Connect is primarily a volunteer organization that facilitates social opportunities for house officers and their families. While the HOA's mission is to support the membership in the workplace, supporting those special people in a house officer's life is also important. 

Exercise and Relaxation Classes

MHealthy Exercise and Relaxation Classes are a great way to get moving, get fit and relieve stress. More than 100 classes are available to U-M faculty, staff, students, and the general public at various locations on or near the University's Ann Arbor campus. 


As the university's health and well-being program, we provide programs and resources designed to help you be your best-physically, mentally, and emotionally. By creating a community of health at U-M, we can make our community a place where healthy living is welcomed and supported. 

Wellness Coaching

A FREE one on one coaching conversation available to undergraduate and graduate students. Wellness coaching is a holistic approach to examining how personal wellness interacts with one's values, goals, and motivations. Wellness coaching could be a good fit if you are considering changes to optimize your personal health and wellness, or looking to positively shift certain aspects of your life. 

Central Campus Recreation Building

Located just minutes from the Diag, the CCRB is the largest Recreational Sports facility. It features a wide array of equipment and amenities to suit a variety of fitness interests. 

Recreational Sports

Whether you've been working out for years of you're new to the gym world, it's our mission to be present and standing by, ready to offer instruction, advice or just a word of encouragement. Members get open access to our machines, weights, courts and pools in the comfort of a supportive environment. 

Department of Recreational Sports

The Department of Recreational Sports (Rec Sports) develops and conducts five major program areas that offer a variety of structure within which members of the U-M community may pursue athletic, fitness, and recreational interests. 

Athletics & Recreation

From its famous winged football helmet and maize-and-blue uniforms - one of the most recognizable icons in American sports - to its domination on the world stage in the Olympics, the University of Michigan intercollegiate athletics program has a long tradition of winning and a legacy of championship teams. 

Wolverine Wellness

We provide information and referrals, provide early intervention, collaborate and consult, influence policy, and advocate for health for the U-M campus community. Well-being infuses our work. 

The Wellness Zone

CAPS Wellness Zone is available for students on a drop-in basis and is located through our office at 3100 Michigan Union! We offer many wellness resources to help you manage stress, rest, and relax as you navigate your busy life as a student at U-M. 

Depression Center

Depression can be a difficult illness to understand, particularly since no two people experience it in the same way. As art of the Depression Center's mission to counteract stigma and prevent recurrences and progression, we provide clear, evidence-based information in a variety of formats to help people understand depression's causes, its symptoms, and prevention and treatment options. 

House Officer Mental Health Program

Michigan Medicine's House Officer Mental Health Program has been in existence since 1996, providing a range of mental health services to a large number of house officers in all disciplines. We are committed to supporting house officers during this significant, rewarding, and often stressful stage of life. We complete over 70 new evaluations annually, evaluating and treating a broad spectrum of mental health needs, including: depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, ADHD, stress management, interpersonal difficulties, and work-life balance issues, to name a few.

Michigan Medicine Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience

The Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience serves the mental and emotional health needs of Michigan Medicine faculty and staff. They provide free-of-charge and confidential counseling, consultation, coaching and stress debriefing services to help faculty and staff develop strength and resilience in their personal and professional lives. They also offer a number of programs designed to help individuals and departments reduce burnout, compassion fatigue, and to foster resilience.