The Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship program offers three rotations including neurosurgical anesthesia with general operating room experience, neurosurgical intensive care and neurosurgical anesthesia with a special focus.

Neurosurgical Anesthesia - General OR

During these rotations, the fellow will be responsible for supervising anesthetic care in one neurosurgical room, four days per week. This allows the fellow to focus on the details of the case, participate in the instruction of the resident and allow consultation with additional faculty assigned to that room. In addition, the fellow will continue to develop his or her skills as a general anesthesiologist by covering two general surgical operating rooms, one day per week. 

Neurosurgical Intensive Care

The fellow will spend three months rotating though the neurosurgical ICU for training in neurocritical care. Our faculty also rotate through the neurosurgical ICU as attending neurointensivists and every effort will be made to coordinate the fellow's schedule accordingly. We believe it is essential for a neuroanesthesiologist to have a fundamental understanding of neurocritical care.

Neurosurgical Anesthesia - Special Focus

During these rotations, the fellow will be responsible for covering one neurosiurgical operating room, several days per week. In addition, the fellow will have a specific focus per month. Focal areas will include neurophysiology, neuroadiology, pediatric neurosurgical anesthesia or academic work.