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Drs. Kat Krukowski, Thomas Epperson, Chika Nwosu, Dominick Alton, Sunny Singh
September 10, 2020

New Beginnings in a Time of COVID-19

Starting your intern or CA-1 year can be a challenging transition even under the best circumstances. Residents are learning new roles, meeting new people and, oftentimes, exploring a new home. So what happens when you add an ongoing pandemic to the transition?

August 7, 2020

The Fight Against COVID-19

While the entire world was trying to catch its breath, providers at Michigan Medicine treated patients who needed to be transferred from overflowing Detroit hospitals.

March 13, 2019

Michigan Predictive Activity and Clinical Trajectories (MIPACT) Study

The University of Michigan is conducting a study with the aim of improving the existing body of knowledge by integrating information such as: Electronic health records, Participant survey data, Genetic information, Blood pressure measurements, Apple Watch activity and clinical data

August 23, 2018

2018-2019 Clinical Simulation Center Research Grant Recipients Selected

Three research projects that apply best practices in simulation-based medical education (for UME, GME and other health care professionals) were recently chosen to receive this year’s Clinical Simulation Center (CSC) Research Grants-inlcuding one from Elizabeth Putnam MBBS, Laura Lehrian, D.O., Lauryn Rochlen, M.D., Kelcey J. Stratton, Ph.D.,