November 28, 2017

Updates from the VA Ann Arbor Anesthesiology Service

Megan Dorsey, M.D. (Res 2014, CCM 2015) and Will Cedarquist, M.D. (Chief Res 2013, CCM 2014) joined us this fall, both as full-time VA faculty, and will be providing anesthesiology and critical care services for our Veterans. 

Tom Curran, M.D., M.B.A. (Res 2015, CCM 2015) has taken on the role of SICU Director.  He leads our critical care physician and advance practice provider team, and is actively working with nursing and pulmonary medicine leadership to advance critical care quality and safety initiatives for our Medical Center.

Tamar Lake, M.D. (Chief Res 2014, Cardiac 2015) now serves as our Director of Preoperative Medicine.  Over the past year, she has lead the pilot of our PREPARE (pre-op) clinic, which is a joint venture between anesthesiology, surgery, and internal medicine.  This effort has succeeded in standardizing evidence-based pre-operative assessment (and avoiding unnecessary preoperative tests/consults), patient management and optimization, and enhancing communication between surgery and anesthesia prior to day of surgery.  The pilot has recently been converted to a 5 days per week effort.

Sam Lahidji, M.D. (Res 2010) Serves as our APS and Regional Anesthesia Director.  In the past year we have initiated an epidural and regional anesthesia and analgesia program that performs 15 blocks per week or more.  This has been a significant advancement for postoperative pain management, and has created a distinctive educational experience for our residents.  Our APS also provides inpatient consultation and management for surgery and medicine patients, and supports our PREPARE clinic in preoperative opioid management and patient optimization in the weeks before surgery.  Sam has also taken the lead in building ERAS pathways with orthopedic surgery and other services.  

Alisher Dadabayev, M.D. our full-time pain anesthesiologist, has developed an intensive outpatient pain rehabilitation program.  The first-year  results of which were recently accepted for publication in the Federal Practicioner.  He has also secured IRB and resource support for a human subject project looking at the benefit of ketamine infusion therapy in Veterans with both chronic pain and PTSD.  This will be in collaboration with Professor Domino and Dr. Liberzon.

Mike Lee, M.D. (Res 1996), Medical Director for anesthesia services, directs our daily clinical operations, and has managed resources effectively to ensure OR needs are balanced with our growing offsite coverage demand. He has been supported by an experienced and talented anesthesia provider staff, induing Pema Dorje, M.D., Gaury Adhikary, M.D., Pat Benedict, M.D. (Res 1996, Cardiac 1997, Assistant Director), Raji Jose, M.D., Jennifer Thomas-Goering, D.O. (Resident 2008, Resident Education Director) and Tomoko Murakami, M.D.  

Mark Hausman, M.D. (Res 2010, CCM 2013) serves as both Chief of the Anesthesiology and Perioperative Care Service, and Associate Chief of Staff (ACOS) for Ambulatory Care.  In his ACOS role he is responsible for primary and specialty care clinic space, staff and equipment, oversight over Flint, Jackson and Toledo outpatient clinics, the Emergency Department, C&P, Telehealth efforts, the Call Center, Sleep Medicine, Pain Medicine, ambulatory Clinical Pharmacy services, and Non-VA Care (our payor and care coordination division).