May 22, 2018

Dr. Michael Mathis, M.D., awarded NIH Career Development Grant (K01) to study Perioperative Heart Failure

Congratulations to Michael Mathis, M.D., who received an NIH K01 Career Development award from NHLBI totaling $862,000 for his proposed work, “Early Diagnosis of Heart Failure: A Perioperative Data-Driven Approach”.

In this project, Dr. Mathis proposes to leverage perioperative data – including continuous vital signs monitoring captured in the intraoperative anesthesia record – for early detection of patients with undiagnosed heart failure. By using complex data science techniques such as artificial intelligence (AI), Dr. Mathis will analyze a patient’s physiologic responses to intraoperative stressors – including induction of general anesthesia, or a surgical incision – as a novel source of information to understand cardiovascular health.

Through these analyses, Dr. Mathis seeks to diagnose cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, much in the same way a cardiologist would analyze physiologic responses of patients undergoing a treadmill stress test.

Using the NIH funding awarded, Dr. Mathis will gain expertise in data science methodologies, under outstanding mentorship from a broad multidisciplinary team:

The project is broadly supported outside of the UM anesthesiology department, as endorsed by:

  • Michigan Integrated Center for Health Analytics & Medical Prediction (MiCHAMP)
  • UM Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation (IHPI)

Further details of the proposed work can be found on the NIH Website.