July 12, 2018

Dr. Phillip Vlisides, M.D., Awarded NIH Career Development Grant (K23) to Study Cognitive Impairment After Surgery

Congratulations to Dr. Phillip Vlisides, M.D., who received an NIH K23 Career Development award from NIGMS totaling $763,564 for his proposed work, “Neurocognitive Recovery Following Surgery and General Anesthesia”.

With this award, Dr. Vlisides will establish an independent program of clinical neuroscience research that seeks to better understand and improve neurocognitive recovery following surgery and general anesthesia. Dr. Vlisides and his team will analyze advanced neurophysiologic patterns – using electroencephalography and near-infrared spectroscopy – to better understand and predict cognitive impairment after surgery. Lastly, his team will test cognitive prehabilitation prior to surgery to determine if a neuropsychological “brain training” program will improve cognitive function after surgery.

Through these efforts, Dr. Vlisides and his team aim to better understand and facilitate neurocognitive recovery after surgery and anesthesia. The results may also advance understanding of brain health and vulnerability more broadly, even beyond the surgical setting.

The NIH funding will also allow Dr. Vlisides to gain expertise in cutting edge neuroscience research methods, clinical trial design and conduct, and advanced biostatistical methods. Lastly, Dr. Vlisides will receive continued career development from his exceptional multidisciplinary mentorship committee:

Anesthesiology – Drs. George Mashour, Michael Avidan (Washington University), and Dan Clauw

Clinical Psychology – Dr. Bruno Giordani

Electroencephalography and Basic Neuroscience – Dr. UnCheol Lee

Further details of the proposed work can be found on the NIH Website.