March 19, 2021

Michigan Medicine highlights teamwork during an extraordinary day at the CVC

The Frankel Cardiovascular Center (CVC) averages about 60-70 Type A aortic dissections each year. But one day this winter, Michigan Medicine teams were called on to complete three life-saving procedures in just 24 hours.

Dr. Kim Burcar and Dr. Jordan Fennema, U-M cardiac anesthesiologistsKim Burcar, M.D., and Jordan Fennema, M.D. Photos curtesy of Michigan Medicine Headlines.

As Michigan Medicine Headlines reports:

"Such a feat took the dedication of many highly skilled people including: surgeons, anesthesiologists, anesthesia techs, residents, fellows, nurses, surgical/scrub techs, OR physician assistants and perfusionists. There were also behind-the-scenes staff who clean instruments, restock equipment and turn over the rooms; all the team members in the ICU and the step-down unit who take care of these patients after their operations; and the outpatient nurse practitioners, medical assistants and nurse clinical coordinators who help patients return to their functioning lives. All in all, an estimated 200+ team members were involved in saving these patients’ lives."

Our congratulations and thanks to the Anesthesiology team members who were key members in the OR:

  • Cardiac anesthesiologists: Bryant Wu, M.D., Jordan Fennema, M.D., Ian Gannon, M.D., Lauren Richey, M.D., Kim Burcar, M.D., David Garcia, D.O.
  • Anesthesia house officers: Shannon Neville, M.D., Samuel Dettling, M.D., Stella Vu, M.D., Chelsea Halsted, M.D., Andrea Bouwhuis, M.D., Kory LaPree, M.D., Yilun Wang, M.D., Stella Yoon, M.D.
  • Anesthesia tech: Nicolas Fernandez-Castillo

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