Patient Care

Our job at the U-M Department of Anesthesiology is to make your surgical procedure as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible. Our primary emphasis is on safety. Although we perform nearly 60,000 procedures a year, we focus our efforts on meeting you and your family's individual needs and concerns. 

It is completely normal to be anxious when you are anticipating undergoing a surgical procedure. One way we, as anesthesiologists, can reduce those fears is to ensure that you are fully informed about the process. We will discuss the options of the types of anesthesia and pain management available to you.

Once you have discussed your decision to proceed with your surgical procedure, our institution may contact you at several levels. The staff in your surgeon's office will schedule a date and place for your surgery. The nursing staff from our operating rooms will contact you to confirm this information and discuss information for the day of your procedure. The anesthesiologist assigned to your procedure will contact you the evening before your surgery, if possible. 

Please visit the Patient Resources tab for more information. Again, our goal at U-M is to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience. Sometimes, the surgical procedures can go longer than expected such that you may wait longer than scheduled. We do our best to stay on schedule and we will always put your safety first. If you have any questions regarding your anesthesia care, before or after your surgical procedure, please contact me.


Kevin K. Tremper, M.D., Ph.D.
Robert B. Sweet Professor and Chair
Department of Anesthesiology
Office Phone 734.936.4235.