The Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Michigan seeks to be the pre-eminent academic anesthesiology department in the world by making major advances in the field of anesthesiology and developing the next generation of outstanding researchers in the fields of anesthesiology and the associated basic sciences.

We focus on three areas of excellence: outcomes and database research, pain and opioid research, and neuroscience research. We house nationally and internationally recognized centers for each of these research domains: the Multicenter Perioperative Outcomes Group (MPOG; for outcomes/database research); Chronic Pain & Fatigue Research Center and Michigan OPEN (for pain/opioids); and the Center for Consciousness Science (for the neurobiology of arousal states and altered states). Our work spans the translational spectrum, from computational in silico modeling, to animal experimentation, to prospective observational or interventional clinical research, to large-scale epidemiology.

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The University of Michigan is consistently ranked among the top 10 medical schools and health systems in the country and our Department of Anesthesiology at U-M has been ranked #1 of all U.S. anesthesiology departments in National Institutes of Health funding since 2015. Although this ranking includes the large NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award grant that is credited to our department, our most recent ranking would have been #2 without this grant. Furthermore, we have a wide array of foundation, state, and industry funding that complements our robust portfolio.

In addition to producing research and commentaries that have been published in journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, JAMA, JAMA Surgery, Science, Science Advances, Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, PNAS, and Current Biology, we are deeply committed to training the next generation of researchers and scientists. Career development starts from our internship, with a unique research training month, then progresses to our research resident track, the C-STAR program. We are also one of 16 departments in the country to host an NIH T32 postdoctoral training program. As a testimony to our fertile culture of career development, three faculty members from Michigan Anesthesiology received the American Society of Anesthesiologists Presidential Scholar Award between 2011 and 2017. Currently, we have multiple faculty anesthesiologists funded by NIH K and FAER awards.

Michigan Anesthesiology faculty serve in major editorial positions (including journals like Anesthesiology) and serve leadership positions in the three major academic associations in the field (Association of University Anesthesiologists, Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, International Anesthesia Research Society). In addition to generating some of the most influential clinical and foundational work within the field of anesthesiology, we have rich and productive interdisciplinary connections to basic science, public health, engineering, and even philosophy and the arts. Furthermore, our faculty serve major research leadership roles across the university — as well as nationally — in fields that transcend the traditional boundaries of anesthesiology, including genomics, precision health, drug discovery, and translational science. We are committed to major impact in anesthesiology as well as science, medicine, and society in general. We are also committed to shaping a more diverse and inclusive future for academic anesthesiology, both within our department and across the country.


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