The Department of Anesthesiology is a part of the University of Michigan Medical School and contributes to the University's mission to strive for excellence in clinical care, research, and medical education.

We prepare specialists in the field of anesthesia with a broad spectrum of knowledge, clinical skills and mature interpersonal communication skills to become the consummate medical professional.

The department seeks to be the preeminent academic anesthesiology department in the world by making major advances in the field of anesthesiology, as well as medicine and science in general. We are committed to developing the next generation of outstanding researchers in the fields of anesthesiology and the associated basic sciences.

Although we perform nearly 100,000 procedures a year, each member of our faculty and staff focus our efforts on meeting the unique needs of every patient and their family. 


Paul Hilliard, MD, discusses the opioid crisis during COVID on The Wrap
October 8, 2020

Substance abuse during COVID-19

Paul Hilliard, M.D., talked with Michigan Medicine's The Wrap podcast last week about the pandemic's impact on the national opioid crisis.

Drs. Kat Krukowski, Thomas Epperson, Chika Nwosu, Dominick Alton, Sunny Singh
September 10, 2020

New Beginnings in a Time of COVID-19

Starting your intern or CA-1 year can be a challenging transition even under the best circumstances. Residents are learning new roles, meeting new people and, oftentimes, exploring a new home. So what happens when you add an ongoing pandemic to the transition?