About Us

Phyllis Hanson, M.D., Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Biological Chemistry

Established in the early 1900s, the Department has served as both the faculty home and training ground for numerous members of the National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Institute of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Pew Scholars, MacArthur Foundation Fellows, and Nobel Prize winners. Presently the Department has ~50 faculty members with ~50 Ph.D. students drawn from the graduate programs in Biological Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Neuroscience, Biophysics, and Cellular and Molecular Biology. There are also students from our Master’s Program and several undergraduate degree programs actively engaged in research, as well as in departmental courses and seminars.

Research in our affiliated labs investigates a broad spectrum of basic mechanism and translational questions, integrated broadly across the scientific community at the University in the general areas of macromolecular mechanisms, structural biology, signal transduction, development, neurobiology, and regulation of gene expression. Approximately half of the faculty members have their research laboratories in the core of the Biological Chemistry Department, located on three floors of Medical Science Research Building III, while other active members can be found throughout the campus, associated with other Medical School and LSA departments as well as various research centers and institutes.

We hope that you will be able to locate any information that you seek on our website, but if not please feel free to contact the Department – we will be happy to hear from you.