Elizabeth Abshire

Ph.D. Student
Mentors: Dr. Ray Trievel and Dr. Aaron Goldstrohm

Areas of Interest

I am working on the biochemical and structural characterization of a ribonuclease that serves as a regulator of metabolism in higher eukaryotes. The knockout phenotype of this enzyme in mice results in a resistance to diet-induced obesity, but the mechanism of regulation is unknown. Additionally, the enzymatic mechanism has not been resolved. Determination of enzymology and structure will inform studies of this enzyme by providing the molecular basis by which mRNA substrates are degraded in the regulation of metabolic processes. My project will involve the use of X-ray crystallography and kinetic analysis to provide structural and functional data that will be expanded into in vivo experiments.



Biological Chemistry Department Retreat 2014, Poster talk

Honors & Awards

Chemistry-Biology Interface Training Program (2014-2016)

Halvor and Mary Christensen Award (2015)

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant (2015)

American Heart Association Fellowship (2016-     )