University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine

The mission of the Michigan RNA Supergroup is to promote success of RNA research, to enhance training of students and post-doctoral fellows in RNA biology, and to cultivate multidisciplinary collaborations within the University of Michigan.

RNA - The Versatile Molecule

The University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine seeks to enrich the university’s intellectual and training environment around RNA biomedicine, promote and develop cross-disciplinary collaborations, and enrich the U-M’s intellectual and training environment around RNA biomedicine.
The University of Michigan houses a strong community of RNA researchers who investigate a wide range of RNA-related topics. Members include basic and clinical scientists who study RNA chemistry, structure, biological functions, genomics, cell biology, physiology and pathology. The main venue for interactions is a monthly seminar where we share the latest developments in RNA research. Participating departments also sponsor seminars from leading RNA scientists from around the world.
University of Michigan Center for RNA Biomedicine hosts a Bi –Weekly Seminar Series and an Annual Symposium Information. To learn more about our faculty, pilot grants and resources, please visit our website:
We welcome new members.  If you want to learn more about the CRB please contact Martina Jerant, Admin Coordinator at and/or register for membership online.

RNA Resources at UM:
Affymetrix and MicroArray
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Bioinformatics, is external)
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Next Generation Sequencing, is external)
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RNA Conferences:
RNA Society
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Rustbelt RNA Meeting, is external)

Acknowledgements: The University of Michigan RNA Supergroup is supported by generous funds provided by the Rackham Dean's Strategic Initiative Funds and the Departments of Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Neurology, Microbiology & Immunology, and Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology.