Greg Dodge

Ph.D. Student

Areas of Interest

My current research projects focuses on investigating reductive domains within polyketide synthases. Polyketide synthases catalyze the production of many bioactive secondary metabolites, such as erythromycin. My project focuses on the studying the structure of dehydratase and ketoreductase domains from the pikromycin, tylosin, curacin and gephryonic acid biosynthetic pathways. Ketoreductases catalyze the conversion of β-keto groups to β-hydroxy groups, while dehydratases further reduce these β-hydroxy groups to α,β double bonds. These domains catalyze their reactions in an extremely stereo-specific manner, of which the mechanism is poorly understood. By using a combination of structural biology and biochemistry, I hope to answer some of the questions regarding the catalytic specificity of these domains.

 Mentor:  Dr. Janet Smith

Published Articles or Reviews

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