Kip Kaitany

Ph.D. Student
Mentor: Dr. Carol Fierke

Areas of Interest

Ribonuclease P (RNase P) is the endonuclease responsible for catalyzing the maturation of the 5’ end of precursor tRNA (pre-tRNA). Classically, these catalysts are ribonucleoproteins with a catalytic RNA component. However, a growing family of protein-only RNase P (PRORP) enzymes have been identified in some eukaryotic organisms, including the RNase P found in human mitochondria.  Human mitochondrial RNase P (HuPRORP) is composed of three protein subunits which act together to process the 5’ end of mitochondrial pre-tRNA.  Mutations in HuPRORP and its pre-tRNA substrates are implicated in a number of diseases including mitochondrial myopathy, Alzeimer's, Parkinson’s, and cancer.

Currently, my work involves the use of kinetic assays to investigate the function of HuPRORP with hopes of gaining insight into mechanisms of pathogenic dysfunction.


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