April 23, 2020

The Cianfrocco lab publishes an article in Structure

High-throughput cryo-EM enabled by user-free preprocessing routines

A new workflow developed by the Cianfrocco lab streamlines the processing of cryo-EM data, enabling researchers to more easily begin analyzing their data to answer questions about the structure and function of biological molecules. This automatic pipeline connects several deep-learning and image-analysis tools with pre-existing data preprocessing algorithms to narrow enormous datasets down to the information that researchers need to begin their analyses. The performance of the pipeline was verified on a number of challenging datasets, and its scope was extended to include sample screening through user-free assessment of the qualities of a series of datasets under different conditions.

Read the press release from the Life Sciences Institute HERE.
Read the Structure article HERE.

New tools in the automatic cryo-EM data preprocessing pipeline (right, in blue) replace the user decisions required by conventional preprocessing (left, in red).