April 21, 2022

Roshan Kumar, Zhu Li, and Ruma Banerjee receive mentoring honors

Each year the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) at the University of Michigan recognizes mentors who have exceeded expectations in providing research opportunities and guidance to their UROP students. Three scientists from the Banerjee lab have been commended for their exceptional mentorship of two undergraduate students, Rita Lin and Proud Sethaudom, during 2021–22. Congratulations to Zhu Li, Ph.D., for her nomination and to Roshan Kumar, Ph.D., and Ruma Banerjee, Ph.D., for their selection for Outstanding Mentor Awards. The Awards were announced at UROP's 2022 Spring Research Program on April 20, where both students presented posters about their research projects.

"Developing Primary Antibodies to Detect Human CblC," by Rita Lin, Ruma Banerjee, and Zhu Li

"Mechanistic Insights Into the Proangiogenic Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide," by Apichaya Sethaudom, Ruma Banerjee, and Roshan Kumar

Proud Sethaudom, Rita Lin, and Ruma Banerjee, Ph.D.