May 8, 2023

The Yan Zhang lab has received a Research Scouts Award for a collaborative project

Cutting-Edge Gene-Editing Therapies for Corneal Dystrophies

Research Scouts is a new research initiative from Michigan Medicine that provides money to scientists (the “Scouts”) to invest in other scientists' bold ideas. A high-risk, high-yield translational research project proposed by the newly formed team of Dr. Yan Zhang (Biological Chemistry), Dr. Shahzad Mian (Opthamology), and Dr. Lev Prasov (Human Genetics/Opthamology) has been selected to receive funding from the program. Congratulations to Yan and her collaborators!

Zhang-Mian-Prasov Project Description: Gene-editing therapy promises a permanent cure for ocular defects and blindness by tackling the genetic root cause of hereditary eye conditions. This translational research project will develop therapeutic and delivery strategies for correcting genetic mutations in the common hereditary corneal dystrophies using cutting-edge CRISPR technology. A successful implementation and effective translation into clinical practice will offer a blueprint for addressing many other genetic disorders affecting tens of millions of people worldwide.