August 1, 2023

The Banerjee lab publishes papers in the journals Nature Communications and Inorganic Chemistry

Researchers in the laboratory of Ruma Banerjee have published two new papers in quick succession.

Architecture of the Human G-Protein-Methylmalonyl-CoA Mutase Nanoassembly for B12 Delivery and Repair, authored by Romila Mascarenhas, Markus Ruetz, Harsha Gouda, Natalie Heitman, Madeline Yaw, and Ruma Banerjee, was published in Nature Communications on July 19.

Coordination Chemistry Controls Coenzyme B12 Synthesis by Human Adenosine Triphosphate:Cob(I)alamin Adenosyltransferase, authored by Harsha Gouda, Zhu Li, Markus Ruetz, and Ruma Banerjee, was published in the American Chemical Society (ACS) journal Inorganic Chemistry on August 1.