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The Department of Biological Chemistry Poster Printing Service has temporarily closed operations due to the Coronavirus threat, until further notice.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Jamie Winkle, Desktop Publisher
(734) 936-1142


Winter/Fall Hours:            8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Spring/Summer Hours:    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


See our downloads section below for HOW TO CREATE AN ENGAGING POSTER by Emily Scott, University of Michigan Medicinal Chemistry


* * * REMINDER * * *

We need 48 hour lead time for poster printing. 

Department of Biological Chemistry provides a large format poster printing service to the University community.  Each poster is printed by our BioChem office personnel and can easily be ordered through our online ticketing system. Due to the volume of poster requests we receive we ask for 48 hours printing lead time, however under most circumstances we are often able to print on the same day or at least within 24 hours during high volume printing times.  We just cannot provide a guarantee.  Posters are printed in the order they are received through the ticketing system.  Please use the ticketing system to have a poster printed.  We do not accept walk-in requests with posters on a flash drive without creating a ticket.

We are sorry, but we do not laminate posters.  We also do not have the ability to print fabric posters.

High volume printing jobs such as seminars will require special scheduling, so if you know of an upcoming event that will need a number of posters, contact us early so we can accommodate your request!  Posters can take between 20 mins. to 1-Hour to print depending upon the size and detail of the poster.  We also want to make sure we have enough supplies on hand in advance.

Call us at (734) 936-1142 or email to discuss your poster needs at any time.


Here are some frequently asked questions and general information related to our poster printing:

What information is required to order a poster?

When you order a poster, you will be asked to supply the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. PI Name if you have one
  5. Department Shortcode for Payment - or if you intend to pay by check, write "Check" in the shortcode/check area.  (We are unable to accept credit/debit card or cash payments).
  6. Due date for poster (please allow 48 hours)


*Please also include any special instructions or timing issues in the comments section.  If you do not have any comments to include, type in "No Comments" or you will be unable to save your ticket for submission.  If you do not want to order a poster tube, you can just type in $0.00.  Once you have completed the information on your ticket, please remember to SAVE!  If your ticket is open on your end, it will be locked on our end!

Important information regarding ticket options:

PAPER TYPE:     We only offer a Quick-Drying GLOSSY poster paper and no longer use BOND poster paper.

TRIMMING:        We do not have trimming or cutting equipment.  As long as your poster is 36" or 42" in one direction, you will NOT need to have your poster trimmed. 

What are the accepted forms of payment?

Currently we only accept departmental short code (a 6-digit number) or check.  Unfortunately we are not set up to accept credit/debit cards at this time and we are unable to accept cash payment.

What should I do if my poster is too large to upload?

If your poster is too large to upload to a ticket you can upload it to MBox at this link:

Where and when can I pick up my poster?

Once your poster has been printed, an email will be sent to you to let you know your poster is ready for pickup.  This email includes directions and a map to our office as well as an attached PDF copy of your receipt.  After we close out your ticket, an email is also automatically generated and sent to your email address as well.  Posters are available for pick up from 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday through Friday at 5301 MSRB III.  If you have a need to pick your poster up after hours, but before the next business day, you can contact us to make arrangements to leave your poster outside our office door for pickup.

What is the cost for a poster?

Poster printing is charged at the rate of $8.70 per linear foot.  We ask that you design your poster to be 36 or 42 inches in one direction; the other direction can be up to 96 inches. 

36 X 24          =          $17.40

42 X 24          =          $17.40

36 X 36          =          $26.10

36 X 42          =          $30.45

42 X 36          =          $30.45

42 X 42          =          $30.45

36 X 48          =          $34.80

42 X 48          =          $34.80

36 X 56          =          $39.15

42 X 56          =          $39.15

36 X 60          =          $43.50

42 X 60          =          $43.50

36 X 72          =          $52.20

42 X 72          =          $52.20

36 X 84          =          $60.90

42 X 84          =          $60.90

36 X 96          =          $69.60

42 X 96          =          $69.60


*Posters with a full ink coverage in the background are charged additionally ($7-$28) to cover the cost of the ink used.

24”-48”          =          $  7.00

49”-60”          =          $14.00

61”-84”          =          $21.00

85”-96”          =          $28.00


Poster Tubes   =         $22.00

How big are the posters?

Posters are printed either from a 36" or 42" wide roll, quick drying GLOSSY poster paper.  Again, we ask that you design your poster to be 36 or 42 inches in one direction; the other direction can be up to 96 inches.


12" = 1.0 Foot            56" = 4.5 Feet

24" = 2.0 Feet            60" = 5.0 Feet

36" = 3.0 Feet           72" = 6.0 Feet

42" = 3.5 Feet           84" = 7.0 Feet

48" = 4.0 Feet            96" = 8.0 Feet

Can I get a receipt?

After your poster has been printed you will receive an email notice for pickup which will have a PDF copy of your receipt attached. In addition, the poster wrapper is a printed receipt.

Can I just order a poster tube?

Yes, we offer carrying tubes for $22.00 each.  The tubes are clear plastic with an adjustable strap and will hold one to two posters, sizes 24 to 42 inches.  Please create a ticket if you are purchasing a tube using a short code, as this is how the department will be billed for the tube cost.

What are the printing formats?


Microsoft PowerPoint - Save as PPT and PDF

Adobe Illustrator - Save as EPS and PDF. Make sure all figures are embedded.  We use version 16.0.0.  If you have a newer version, you will need to save it as the 16.0.0 version, otherwise we will be unable to open the document.

Adobe Photoshop - Save as PNG and PDF. Do not upload a JPG.

Adobe InDesign - Save InD and PDF

Small but Important Details:


We do our best to catch mistakes but we are not responsible for content errors.  If we see a spelling error, or graphics that seem to have covered part of your words, etc., we will let you know before printing so that you have an opportunity to correct it. 


Please make sure that your poster is setup for the size you are trying to print.  All of these programs have some form of a "PAGE SETUP" option and you should be able to view your poster size settings to check that the poster will print out in the size you are requesting.

Please also make sure to leave enough margin around the outsides of your poster.  The printers default to start printing between a min. of 1/4" from the edge of the paper.  The printer carriage does not print ink to the ends of the paper.


Black ink tends to scratch and get marked up very easily, so you may want to avoid thick black borders, black headers and other large areas using too much black ink. 

Too dark of a blue ink will often appear as a black color when printed out.  If we notice your blue looks more black than dark blue, we will contact you to see if you want to lighten it a shade or two before we print it.

Where can I find UMHS approved logos?

Where can I find poster templates if I need one?

 * PowerPoint Poster Templates - click  HERE

 * Michigan Medicine PowerPoint Templates - click HERE

 * This PDF will show you how to create a PowerPoint Poster - click HERE

Where can I find additional sites for poster printing?

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