Ragsdale Lab Funding

  • Heme-, Redox-, and CO-dependent Regulation of Heme Homeostasis. NIH, R01-HL163530, 05/01/23–04/30/27.
  • Metalloprotein Mechanisms of Redox Regulation and Catalysis. NIH, R35-GM141758, 09/01/21–06/30/26.
  • Enzymology of Methanogenesis: Mechanism of Methyl-CoM Reductase. The Physical Biosciences Program within the Office of Basic Energy Sciences at DOE by contract DE-FG02-08ER15931, 06/15/21–06/14/24.
  • Carbon-Negative Chemical Production Platform. ARPA-E, DE-FOA-0002387, 10/01/21–09/30/24 (PI: Steve Brown, Lanzatech)