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Therapy Services

Our program currently has two registered occupational therapists who evaluate and treat the pediatric brachial plexus patients. They directly contribute to the provision of interdisciplinary clinic evaluations, recommendations, and therapy services - and indirectly, by communicating with distant health providers about continued care for patients with NBPP who live far away.      


Monthly Exercise Groups

Monthly Brachial Plexus Therapy Photo

Since 2007, our occupational therapists have invited patients, aged 6 to 18, to participate in a monthly group to exercise, socialize, and develop fine motor skills. We have also added a parent support group, led by our case manager, that addresses parent experiences and emotions.

Home Exercise Program

Watch these demonstration videos of home therapy exercise routines that are crucial to improving patient outcomes. (Media Player required)   These videos are intended for use in home settings as part of an existing brachial plexus therapy program in conjunction with proper medical supervision.  Please consult your physician prior to beginning this program. Any reproduction is forbidden without written permission from the University of Michigan Pediatric Brachial Plexus Program.    

DVD Cover

Range of Motion Exercises

Sample of what is inside the DVD

Home Exercise Therapy Program for Pediatric Brachial Plexus Palsy