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Brachial Plexus Program

Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Program

Our program provides comprehensive care for all patients with Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Disorders – adults and pediatrics. A timely diagnosis with interdisciplinary care is crucial for the best outcomes.

 At the Brachial Plexus and Peripheral Nerve Program we provide a “one-stop” consultation service that includes:
  • The most advanced and comprehensive care for brachial plexus and peripheral nerve disorders in the region.
  • Contact with a member of our team within 72 hours. 
  • Virtual visits are now available.
  • Nerve transfer for patients with spinal cord injury:
  • Access to expertise in the following specialties including:
    • Electrodiagnostics
    • Hand / Plastic Surgery
    • Neurology
    • Neurosurgery
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Orthotics
    • Pain Management
    • Pediatrics
    • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    • Radiology
    • Research
  • Coordination of care with your local specialists.